Crystal Energy Tool, Spiritual Tool

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wonderful Crystal Energy Tool

large citrine as a base, stretched on a ball construction

in the middle of which a spiral with 5 x 4 rough diamonds is flexibly suspended.

There is an emerald at the top hanging point and a ruby ​​at the bottom.

Diamonds are attached to the front and back.

In addition, a Herkimer diamond and a black opal are attached.

This sculpture reminds us that everything comes from DNA coding.

That these codings are soiled by fields and can also be cleaned again.

That one can act with healing power on the DNA...


Try it !

Details :

Crystal Energy Tool, 70 x 60 x 55 mm

Citrine, Base

20 x Raw diamond 2 mm

Diamond, 3.5 mm, I, white

Diamond, 3.3 mm, SI, white




Herkimer Diamond

925 silver, soldered