NTFSready for OS X version 1.0

NTFSready is a little tool to avoid problems with
bad characters like ?, <, >, ", |, \, :, / in the filestructure when networking between mac osx and windows.

NTFSready lets you find these restricted characters and
delete them from you filestructure before you copy them onto an NTFS drive.

This is also very useful when you work with NTFS for mac OS X
that makes it possible to read and write to NTFS drives natively from OS X

its simple.
choose a folder to look for bad chars in the filestructure.
NTFSready will search all subfolders and delete restricted characters from file and foldernames...

There is a demo avelable that will show you how many conflicting file and foldernames are found

NTFSready for macosx (1.9 mb)

to get the full version of NTFSready that will actually rename the file and foldernames please
make a donation of 10 euro;

i will send you a downloadlink after you made the transaction, this service is not automated but i check my emails hourly(,

if you have further questions please write me an email.


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